Speeches and Papers

The Demand Side of Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation in the Philippines: Focus on the Role of Korean Men – By Jean Enriquez, Executive Director, CATW-AP ,  October 2007

Rethinking Masculinity: Educating Young Men to Reduce the Demand Side of Trafficking, Jean Enriquez, Manila, Philippines, February 2005

Trafficking of Women and Children, Jean Enriquez, Manila, Philippines, April 2003

Filipinas in Prostitution around U.S. Military Bases in Korea: A Recurring Nightmare, Jean Enriquez, Seoul, South Korea, November 1999

The Asian Financial Crisis and Prostitution: A Question of Pragmatics and Ideology, Jean Enriquez, Bonn, Germany, November 1998

Macro-Economic Exploitation and their Impact on Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Women and Girls: Issues, Responses and Challenges, Aurora Javate De Dios, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October 1998

Myopia and The Sex Sector: Looking deeper into the Root Causes of Prostitution, Susan Ozawa, Manila, Philippines, August 1998

Prostitution and the Bases: A Continuing Saga of Exploitation, Aida Santos and Cecilia Hofmann, with assistance by Alma Bulawan, Manila, Philippines, May 1998

Patriarchy, Poverty, Prostitution and HIV/AIDS, The Philippine Experience, Aida Santos, Manila, Philippines, October 1997

SEX: From Human Intimacy to “sexual labor” Or is prostitution a human right?, Cecilia Hofmann, Manila, Philippines, August 1997