MAKING THE HARM VISIBLEMAKING THE HARM VISIBLE: Global Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girls is a groundbreaking collection written by survivors, activists, and service providers on the global sexual exploitation of women and girls. Forty-four pieces from Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, the Caribbean, North America and the Middle East offer personal, insightful and challenging perspectives on sexual violence and prostitution… contributors offer impressive and often painful body of evidence of the harm caused by sexual exploitation and violence. DONNA M. HUGHES, Education and research Coordinator of the CATW, and director of Women’s Studies at the University of Rhode Island, and CLAIRE M. ROCHE, a Ph.D candidate in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Rhode Island, edited the collection

PIMPS AND PREDATORS ON THE INTERNETPIMPS AND PREDATORS ON THE INTERNET: . Globalizing the Sexual Exploitation of Women and Children. Another publication by DONNA M. HUGHES and the CATW. Discusses the sexual exploitation of women and children on the Internet, so called information superhighway, where local and even national regulations are not enforced. “Within the last five years this network with its worldwide audience has undergone commercialization. The sex industry is setting the pace and defining the use of the Internet.”

QUESTIONS AND ISSUES ON PROSTITUTIONQUESTIONS AND ISSUES ON PROSTITUTION: What We Need to Know, a reader written by Cecilia Hofmann, a passionate feminist and board member of the CATW-AP, is still available. This CATW-AP publication brings to the fore the role of buyers and big business-which are almost always made invisible– in the multibillion profit-raking industry which earn from the subjugation of women and children. Published in 1998, the reader has become an important material in the discourse that seeks to decriminalize women in prostitution and penalize the culprits who, together with the permissive Philippine society, perpetuates violence against women and minors. Copies, at P200 each, can be secured at the CATW-AP office.

Promoting Women's Rights, Fighting Sexual ExploitationPromoting Women’s Rights, Fighting Sexual Exploitation, an information packet published in the 10th year of the Coalition’s fight for a world free of sexual exploitation, is also still available. The info packet contains the latest facts and figures in the Philippines and the whole Asia-Pacific region. It is also packed with incisive analyses and articles about pornography in the information highway, the health effects of prostitution on women and children, and international instruments addressing the prostitution and trafficking problem. Copies can be bought at the CATW-AP office at P200 each.

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