Trafficking survivors honored by Soroptimist

Alma Bulawan, President of Buklod-Olongapo, a survivors’ group in the Philippines, has been awarded yesterday by Soroptimist International as one of its 12 Unsung Women Heroes Awardees.

Bulawan is a survivor who changed her life and now helps women in prostitution in the Olongapo-Subic area change theirs. Alma advocates for a different future for these women through education, social and livelihood alternatives that do not lock them in lives of sexual and economic exploitation.

Another awardee is a staff of another CATW-AP member organization, DAWN. Her name is Mary Joy E. Barcelona: a survivor of sexual trafficking who was hounded by the “Japayuki” stigma. Learning of her rights as a woman, Mary Joy endeavored to get a college education; now, she coordinates an Alternative Livelihood Program and helps women with similar experiences, inspiring them to be triumphant survivors of life.

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