Desperation forces many into sex trade

Activist Jean Enrique speaks in Vancouver yesterday.

Activist Jean Enrique speaks in Vancouver yesterday.

Many women in desperate situations are forced into the sex trade to survive, and until poverty and addiction are addressed women will continue to have to sell their bodies.

This was the message of several international feminist activists, who were at the downtown YWCA yesterday for an event hosted by the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter.

Jean Enriquez, executive director of the Coalition Against Trafficking of Women-Asia Pacific, said when other options aren’t available, some women turn to prostitution.

“Because the Philippines is one of the major suppliers of domestic workers and caregivers (abroad), there will be a lot of them displaced and they will be vulnerable to prostitution,” she said.

Young Sook Cho, president of the Centre Of Human Rights in Korea, said Vancouver plays a direct role in the trafficking and prostitution of foreign women because many of them are lured here under the guise of a better life.


3 thoughts on “Desperation forces many into sex trade

  1. When prostitution is engrained into the culture of a certain country, how do you change the mindset?

    It’s very hard to stop it without the cooperation of government, schools and police.

  2. The right issue here is to look at the market available for the exploitation of women who are from developing countries in the developed countries. When you look at the general acceptance of prostitution as work, the existence of the pornographic industries etc then people that are desperate to make a run away from poverty end up exploited else where. The demand of for such services must be looked at. So the question is, what are we doing to bring down such wealthy industries that seem to have a lot of power and influence in most of our countries?

  3. It is said that the commercial sexual exploitation of women and children is a big issues in the tourism industry yes this is very true. But what is the industry doing to stop the practice of such acts of crime within its wide terrain. Most people travel to developing countries in Africa and Asia to perpetrate these crimes based on the fact there is easy asses to children and women from poor background and also week law enforcements.

    Recently in Ghana on September 29,2009 one retired teacher Patrick Kent Labash 69 years old defiled seven minors and recording the on Godly act on video, laptop and pen drive.Labash has been luring children, both boys and girls between ages 3 and 12 years with food, candies and movies into his room and defiling them. Also another incident was a case of 72-year-old American who claims to be a retired United States Air Force Two Star General.

    James Kellim was said to have also offered the ladies phallic vibrators to insert in their vaginas and meow like cats for the cameras which, it is suspected, would be used for commercial phonographic purposes outside the country.

    The videos are interspersed with commentaries by the frail-looking but smart James Kellim. These and more happen in our everyday lives in Ghana and developing nations as a whole.

    However, we have locals who are the majority of child sex offenders, they visits brothels and they include people from all sectors of the economy male students, workers, both educated men and uneducated, police and other security forces and the criminals who after all the abuse will push the children into drugs. In Ghana it is gradually becoming a social norm where policy makers only come out to comment when one or two issues come to light but nothing is done to completely close down the drinking bars and other tourist cent re’s that condone to such acts. Prostitution though not legal is the business of the night in Accra, when and how will all this come to an end. hmmm

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