CATW-AP ED among Marie Claire’s 10 Women of the World

In Marie Claire Philippines’ second anniversary issue of November 2007, the magazineJean Enriquez, Marie Claire Philippines November 2007 Issue highlights 10 incredible Filipina women—incredible for their commitment to and established excellence in their respective fields; incredible for epitomizing self-empowerment; incredible for their abilities to act with courage and moral conviction; incredible for inspiring people to come together despite deep-seated differences.

Previous honorees include Lea Salonga, Maria Ressa, Emily Abrera, Gaita Fores, Lizzie Zobel, Gilda Cordero-Fernando, Cheche Lazaro, Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, Angel Aquino, Luchi Cruz-Valdes, and Laura Verallo de Bertotto, among others.

We are proud that our own Jean Enriquez is chosen as one of the ten incredible women.

Jean EnriquezOn May 26, 2003 in the Philippines Senate, the Anti-Trafficking Law in the Philippines was finally passed. “My co-advocates and I cheered heartily, especially since CATW-AP started our work on the bill eight years earlier,” Jean recalls. These days, what keeps Jean inspired are the constant dialogue, consulataion and “strenght-sharing with partners or co-equals in the Coalition.” Jean is proud of what she calls “an endless list of collective sucesses.” “When we release women victims of prostitution from jail after dialoguing with law enforcers; when I heard of the first conviction against traffickers in Zamboanga City where a CATW-AP project was piloted; and when the young women start standing up against violence aginst women.”

Jean attributes the secret of her successes to dedication. “I chose my work because it comes from my heart, and I give my heart to it. That leaves no room for ‘mistakes.’ It is working with God/Goddess within,” she shares with conviction. She credits part of the fulfillment to her family. “In my personal life, I’m happiest about having affected my family profoundly. I found out that my own daughter embodies the same consistency in principles, in taking the side of those marginalized. My partner, a labor leader, has himself started changes in the labor center he leads by integrating work on gender issues. Those were my daughter’s and partner’s achievements, but I [am] proudest to have made an effect on them.”


2 thoughts on “CATW-AP ED among Marie Claire’s 10 Women of the World

  1. jean enriquez,aka “lola jean” hihi.. i met her just a few days ago.
    Lola, was one of our facilitators on “Young Men and Women’s Camp on Gender Issues, Sexuality and Prostitution”, held last March 8-10, 2008.@puerto princesa, Palawan..

    Lola was extremely inspiring, sobra..hehe.. Her words, very motivating..hanep tlga..!

    I hope to see lola soon..together with kuya ge and ate yen..^^,

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